Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Morning musings

Hmm. What to write today. I am finding that writing a blog post daily without sounding trite or repetitive is something of a challenge. What if what I find interesting or insightful or life-changing doesn't interest anyone else? What if - God forbid - no one else finds my animals as wise as I do? What if my writing isn't suited to a blog? After all, writing has always been to me a bit like giving birth - you put your "baby" out there in the world for others to critique, to judge; what if your baby is called names? Let me tell you, it cuts to the quick!

So I must, as I was once told long ago, develop a thicker skin. I must write what I know and I must write with facts and I must write objectively and stay true to myself. But I must WRITE!

I am happy to announce that my membership has been accepted to the BlogPaws Community. While I am still learning about BlogPaws, I do hope my association will help me become a better, more proficient writer and blogger. And I hope I can give back to BlogPaws, if not immediately, then in the future. You can read a little more about BlogPaws at

Today I am thinking about how to provide good content each and every day - or, at least, most days! I'm doing my research and crossing my fingers. Wish me luck!

The resident canines - Blue, Carson and Marley - hope you will cheer us on and join us regularly ...


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