Wednesday, December 5, 2012

In memory of a fine terrier

Shortly after I started tweeting, I found an active and lively group to follow - Border Terriers, their humans and their friends from all over the world. The first of those was Marley, a Border Terrier in Ashtead, Surrey, who, along with his humans and his fellow BT, Lola, entertained and enhanced life on Twitter.

I learned this afternoon that Marley crossed OTRB yesterday, following a valiant battle with a heart ailment. Marley will be missed. You can read more about Marley's last days, in his own words, at

We are teary-eyed here in Oklahoma, mourning Marley's loss. But we also know his family made the hardest and most loving of decisions for him. We cry - and celebrate - with them during this sad time.

RIP, Marley. And thank you for the lessons you taught, the laughter you brought, and the paths you led us down. We are forever changed because of you.

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