Monday, December 10, 2012

Mindfulness and dogs?

I just read a blog post over at Stream of Consciousness about eating mindfully and being thankful for what I/we/you have. And it made me think: do my dogs - or any dogs - eat mindfully?

Honestly, I cannot think that any of my dogs are especially mindful when eating. Perhaps it is a trait particular to humans. Or maybe Carson's methodical attention to her food is mindfulness of a different kind. I do think they are joyful. And grateful. Blue has always danced (pranced, really) while waiting for his bowl. He seems to believe he will never eat again - either that or he can't remember the last time he ate! Whichever, it has his complete attention and is gone almost immediately (and no, the bowls with the knobs don't help, even the smaller size so he has to work harder).

The sheer joy the dogs find in eating is wonderful. And I know I need to be more mindful. Seven years at a high school have taught me to eat quickly and simply for fuel. But the dogs of the Wild Bunch household show me each day that thankfulness for the food we are given is ongoing. And good.

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