Friday, December 7, 2012

It is raining rescues at WTCARES

The holidays always seem to create a whirlwind of Welsh Terriers coming in to rescue. It may be the same for all rescue organizations, I am sure we aren't unique. But that doesn't make it any less frustrating, depressing and maddening.

I feel so blessed that a nine year-old Welsh gentleman is traveling tomorrow from the Kansas City area to his new home in Boston. His elderly owners passed away and the children didn't feel it was fair for him to spend his days crated while they worked. He patiently waited two months at a boarding facility until the perfect match found him. By this time tomorrow he will be winging his way to a waiting family, a new sense of place and much love. All are confident he will settle in beautifully.

Another senior girl has been in rescue for about six weeks. I picked her up from a shelter in southern Oklahoma in mid-October. She was full of fleas and covered with dreadlocks, had a growth on her shoulder and some mammary tumors from her years as a puppy mill producer. Most seriously, she tested positive for the tick-borne illness, erlichiosis. After wonderful care from the staff at Bristow Veterinary Hospital, she is recuperating and showing her true terrier colors - including a distinct dislike for cats! Next week I will drive her to the home of our national chair of rescue in Tennessee, so that she may spend time in a home environment as we continue to search for a home for her.

Yesterday I listened to a voice mail message from someone who believes they need to surrender their dog. This Welsh Terrier girl has been a family member since she was 10 weeks old; she is now 15 years old. I don't know anything more about her at the moment or the situation in which she finds herself. Just the message was enough to make me both sad and angry and I know I need to get a grip on both before I return the call. After all, it's about what is best for the dog and offending the owner doesn't help the situation. At all! And there are - sometimes - extenuating circumstances. I absolutely understand that. But I pray I am never in the situation of having to make that choice and don't want to even be able to envision such an event. I hope I can provide support and assistance and that, in this instance at least, the dog can remain in her familiar surroundings as she lives out her life. If you can send any good thoughts our way, it would be appreciated.

And, if you would like to open your heart and your home to a rescue Welsh Terrier, please visit WTCARES at There are so many wonderful dogs available and I promise you your life will never be the same again. Thanks.

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