Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Long time, no blog!

So much has happened; so much IS happening. My heart is here. My typing fingers are ... someplace else!

We are presently putting the main section of the high school yearbook to bed. A total of 144 pages are due between now and early March. That means student activities, editing, proofreading, corrections - you name it - occupy my thoughts during the day and my dreams at night. Carpal tunnel syndrome and a similar, ulnar issue rear their ugly heads every year this time. It's the result of 8+ hours hunched over a computer each day. And what was I thinking, deciding to create a supplement that we will produce after the main book is submitted? Crazy, I tell you!

To keep things even more interesting, tennis practice is in full swing. Most of the kids are beginners - at best, so we spend time conditioning, learning rules and how to keep score, you name it. Our competitive season begins in just a few weeks, so the push is on to mold these students into tennis players.

All this means that, at home, the "pups" are anxious to play and don't have a lot of outlets for all their energy. The weather has been cold and rainy, it's even snowed a couple of times!

So, while my idea file is growing, my time is shrinking and I haven't posted a blog in quite a while. Just stay with me and I promise we will be back very soon. And, in the meantime, I'll let you in on a little secret: there's a second blog in the wings. It will focus specifically on places, trainers, behaviorists, consultants, stores and activities in and around Oklahoma that you may receive help for your animals. It will definitely be a work-in-progress. I will likely post just a couple of times a week and also do a round-up listing about four times a year, focusing on one activity or area of interest. If there is something in particular you would like to see, please head on over to www.pawsitiveplaces.blogspot.com and leave me a message. Early spring (and we are almost there, even if I am rushing the season a bit!) is always an exciting time for me. It fills me with ideas and what can only be described as a breath of new life. 2013 started a little rough, but I am standing firm that it is going to be a fabulous, exciting and blessed year. Care to join me?