Monday, December 3, 2012

A dog's sense of smell

Yesterday was spent at the University of Oklahoma for the "Christmas at OU" choir and orchestra concert (my son is in one of the choirs). We didn't actually spend much time with him, but enough to get a couple of hugs along the way.

Saying goodbye & promising to return
That was all it took to make Blue stick to me like glue when we got back home. You see, the son is Blue's boy. Blue arrived on the scene just before a life-changing event in the fall of 2004. He has been my son's rock and guardian angel. While it was difficult when he left for college, the hardest part - by far - was the heart-wrenching scene when he said goodbye to Blue.

Blue smelled his boy. I was thoroughly sniffed and snuffled. He kept looking around, as if he thought his boy would be the next in the door. And when the boy didn't appear, Blue decided to stay close and make the most of it he could. Bless his heart, he will be so much happier when the semester is done - at least for a little while.

Blue, with his paw fur looking like "Max" from The Grinch Who Stole Christmas

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