Tuesday, November 5, 2013


My daughter is away at college for the first time so, most days, it's just the dogs and me at home. I didn't tell them she was coming home for a visit over the weekend. Their joy when she walked in the door made my heart smile. It was a weekend of cooking and visiting and canine snuggles. Any time she was close to the dogs, it looked something like this:

Cara walks in the door &
Marley recognizes her.
Much licking & many kisses commence.
Marley (left), Carson
(center & looking at the camera) & Blue line up for attention.

Blue gets into the act.
All weekend, wherever Cara was, at least one dog was close at hand. Of course, the fact she spent much of the weekend cooking likely had something to do with that.

All of them benefited from the closeness, I think. She wanted - and needed - the personal connection. Marley slept with her at night and stayed close whenever she sat down. Blue and Carson made sure they got their "fair share" as well. Another few weeks and she will be home for the holidays. EVERYONE is going to be happy about that!

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