Friday, November 1, 2013

Fall itchies

Two weeks ago, Carson and I got to visit the vet. It isn't a visit we make very often. I am blessed with dogs who seem to be pretty darned healthy at the moment.

Carson waiting patiently for her exam.
You can see the spot between her eyes.
Carson had just healed from a scrape on her side. Whether it was caused from a scratching herself with a jagged nail or something else, I successfully treated it at home. But then, after a grooming session, she developed raw spots on her neck (I probably clipped too closely there when grooming!) and on her head (I don't think I did the same on her head, however!). It was bloody and crusty and didn't do much for her darling countenance and it kept getting bigger. Time for reinforcements!

Good grief!
The verdict was hot spots, perhaps caused by some seasonal allergies. Not sure there is a true allergy tie-in, but we will work with what we have for now. So, we came home with an armload of medications, both oral and topical. The vet wanted to shave the spot on her head, but I decided against that. It would have made it a bloody mess and it just wasn't worth it to make her that miserable. So, we came home with all this: 

There were antibiotics and free form fatty acids (those are a trip to watch her eat; she chews on the capsule for a good 2-3 minutes!). There is also Betagen which, had I been more attentive, I would have known that I already have a bottle at home. And then there is a skin care regimen of a shampoo and spray. The shampoo is supposed to be administered on days 1, 4 and 7. We then use the spray for two weeks. Welllll, did I mention that little bout with shingles I've had? Hmm. That means the thought of wrangling a wet, wiggling terrier into and out of the tub would be nearly impossible. We brought those products home, but have yet to use them. And, Betagen. Do you know one of the primary ingredients in it? Yeah. Alcohol. No wonder Carson reacted like she had been shot when I spritzed it on her poor head. After all, once I cleaned it regularly, it looked like this: 
Poor baby girl

I opted out of that, which means I now have TWO nearly full bottles of Betagen at home. I used Calendula spray instead, much easier on a little girl, although she still tried to rub the top of her head on the rug after every application. Wish I had video of that!

The last dose of antibiotics on Wednesday night. We may begin using the shampoo regimen this week if, for no other reason, than to get rid of the residual flakes and crusty areas. Carson's neck is completely healed and her head is well on its way, although it will take some time for her fur to fill in completely. Here's what it looks like now, two full weeks after this saga began:

Not perfect, but certainly looking better!

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