Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Easing into 2013

It is a quiet morning here on our little hill - cloudy, wet and cold. Of course, Carson always gets up at the same time, regardless of the weather or what may have happened the day before to make the humans especially tired and hopeful for extra sleep.

And so I spent a leisurely morning catching up on the blogs I follow and website I visit regularly. One of those is the Kripalu Center in Massachusetts. An author by the name of Brian Leaf was discussing his recently published book. His words hit home with me because I realize that while I will never know all I want to/would like to/maybe even should know about animal behavior, I do know a fair amount. And, as the author mentioned from his own experiences (with yoga), it is always a balancing act to share that knowledge as a gift, offered (and accepted) freely. And I need to love and accept what I know as a gift, regardless of anyone else. THAT is my reality - to love and accept, as Leaf writes, "every one of my experiences, feelings and thoughts."

Isn't that what our animals teach us, as they live in the present. They accept all gifts with love and acceptance. They offer their own gifts in the same way. So simple and, yet, so complex.

I do believe I would like to read Brian Leaf's book. His writing style seemed accessible and engaging. For those interested, it is titled Misadventures of a Garden State Yogi.

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