Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Whether the weather ...

I don't know about where you live, but the weather in Oklahoma has been especially finicky in recent days. Cold and coldish for the past few weeks, some sleet, some snow-type substance (nothing major). Then, last week, it became nearly spring-like. By Monday, it was in the mid-70s and the dogs were tearing around the back yard full of glee. I couldn't blame them; it was warmer in the yard than in the house!

Yesterday morning brought a typical Oklahoma day, where the weather makes several major changes in the course of 24 hours. The day dawned dark and cloudy, storm clouds rolled in and we managed to get a fair amount of rain. Well, it's all relative, and we have had so much drought than anything more than a light mist is greatly appreciated. Tornado watches until midday, wind, driving rain - you get the picture. I walked outside from work late yesterday afternoon and it was cooler, but not bad for a January day.

THIS morning it was in the low 30s (F) when I left home. What?! Oh, and with a brisk wind. Last night and this morning, the dogs "did their business" quickly. They don't really like the cold and they definitely don't like it when it's cold and windy in the yard - which happens a lot in our yard, as there is no protection. It's been windy all day, but the sun in shining so I will try not to complain too much. However, I can guarantee those wimpy four-legged furries I live with will make short work in the yard this evening. They much prefer a lap or a cozy spot on the couch to chasing one another in the yard.

All the weather changes seem to confuse them, though. They will pop up to go outside, make a beeline for the back door and then put on the brakes if the weather they encounter isn't to their liking or what they expect. Marley seems to have mastered the art of going out in the rain and never getting particularly wet - even his feet! Blue is done and back at the door before it's barely closed. Carson - naturally - is the most oblivious and usually is up to her elbows in red clay mud. And that's even when the weather is dry!

I think we are all fair-weather lovers at our house. We love having the doors and windows open to a soft breeze and temperatures in the mid-60s to about 80F. Anything either side of that just doesn't work for us. This, of course, begs the question of why we live in Oklahoma, known for temperature extremes (sometimes within the same 24 hour period) and not particularly known for a great amount of temperate weather.

What do you - and your animals - think is perfect weather, perfect temperature? Do you have it where you live? If not, where can you find it (yes, this time of year I'm always convinced I'm going to move before the next sunrise!)?

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  1. Pel and I both love sunny and 70s. Unfortunately, living in Iowa, what we're much more likely to get, except briefly in late Spring and late Fall, are temperatures 90+ with humidity anywhere from 90% and up. That doesn't stop us however. We try to take each day as a gift and Pel helps me greatly with that attitude. With shade and water always available (t'would be beer for me) we can stand it well into the 100 degree range on the deck but movement is generally curtailed to turning a page or swapping a carving tool. Next summer may be different though, because I swear by Almighty Dog, Pel and I are going sailing whenever we can. Pel gets motion sick so I envision my Bonine bill climbing upwards. In truly bad weather, as today with windchills well into the negative teens, I set a timer on the microwave for five minutes and finished or not, His Royal Highness, the Prince of Chilly Nose is coming back in if not finished before then.

    Dave and Pel WT in Iowa