Monday, January 28, 2013

My favorite traits

Do your animals have traits or do things that make you laugh, smile, make your heart melt or simply feel good? Each of my dogs has their own special "thing." Most of the time they are endearing although, rarely, these same traits can be irritating or even dangerous.

For big boy Blue, it's all about food. He literally dances when he decides it's time to eat or when his food is being prepared - or just about any activity having to do with food, to be honest! It can be pretty funny to see this big guy prancing around on his hind legs, hopping from one leg to the other, in some intricate doggie dance.

With Marley, it is all tennis balls all the time. There must be a dozen of them, all over the house and yard. He HAS to have one in his mouth when he goes out, but not just any of the 12 or so will do. Some are favored more than others. And, just so you know, he never actually brings one back inside. I pick them up every other day and we start the process all over again. When he's inside, he strategically places a ball just behind human feet - in the kitchen, the bathroom - wherever.   All the better to break one's neck when it is stepped on!

And then there is Carson. Just today when I came in from work, she was waiting at the kitchen door for me. As is her habit, she raised up and starting batting at me with her front legs and paws. She's a master at it: she uses her legs like little arms. She is forever grabbing, wrapping, swatting. And always with such joyous glee and pure happiness. I never get tired of seeing her in action.

So many canine mannerisms are subtle. They require observation skills and close attention to detail. Other times? Well, my dogs couldn't be much more obvious with these mannerisms. Thank goodness I am (slowly) learning to pay attention.

What signature traits do your animals have? And what do they mean?


  1. My cat Griffin greets all guests by jumping up on his scratching post in the living room and demanding to be petted!

  2. Tried to comment the other day but I don't think it went through... our dog Buddy will reach out a paw and touch you whenever he is being petted or scratched. If he's sitting up he will rest a paw on your arm; if he is on his back he will reach up and make contact with you somewhere. He seems to need that connection and is always so happy and grateful for the attention.
    - Susan M