Thursday, January 3, 2013

Canine resolutions

Resolutions never work out too well for me, for any number of reasons. Most often, I set too many expectations for myself, given extremely limited time and resources.

For 2013, I have tried to avoid that trap. My personal resolutions are more works-in-progress than concrete plans and, while most involve the dogs, I felt like I should make some dog-specific resolutions, as well. This wasn't quite as easy as I expected it to be, although I did come up with a few.

First, all dogs will be brushed, nails trimmed and teeth cleaned on a regular basis. It's more hit-and-miss now. Not only will the dogs look and feel better, but I am hopeful this can help curb the fur bunnies all over the house!

Next, walkies will be taken. Regularly. With the temperatures as cold as they are at the moment, I am hesitant to be any more specific. But it WILL happen - for all of us.

Finally, each dog will serve as my TTouch practice partner, on an ongoing and rotating basis (probably every week). I will work on one specific touch for a week on one dog, same touch the following week in the second dog, and the same touch for a third week on dog number three. This gives me time to really work on each touch, discovering nuances and differences in pressure, hand movement/placement and so on. At the same time, I hope to see changes in the dogs based on the ongoing work. I plan to keep a journal and will update here regularly.

So, what resolutions - if any - have you made for and with your animals in the new year? We would love to hear about them; in fact, we're all ears (and black nose!).

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  1. I don't do resolutions either. If something needs changing and I realize it I work on it. I usually don't have to wait to realize it however as Martha is good about pointing out things I need to work on...(teeth gritting behind a smile) I will be more active this year as it improves my outlook, my sense of physical well being and my health. That will affect Pel as part of that increased activity is walking with him. It will probably affect him in other ways also as I'll be out of the house more and he's gotten used to having me here a lot. He's pretty sanguine about my absence however, not like Buckles who was the poster Airedale for separation anxiety.

    Best from Iowa

    Dave and Pel WT