Friday, January 10, 2014

Hibernating with Bear TTouch

My apologies in advance if these experiments aren't as interesting as they seem to me! This week we worked with Bear, which means using the fingertips at a 90 degree angle to the skin/coat. I realized I use it pretty often and without realizing that's what I'm doing.

A huge (for us) cold front moved in on Saturday night, so I had a lot of forced hibernation time with the dogs - and the kids. It gave me plenty of chances to get my hands on the dogs, as the temperature dropped and the winds howled.

Bear TTouch puts Carson into a zen state pretty much every time. Her eyelids slowly close and she sinks into me, the bed, the sofa - wherever. I consciously try to slow down the circles, as I find myself going too fast much of the time.

Blue is much bigger, with a ton of coat. For him, the circle moves his fur around more. He will even back up to have the area around his tail touched with Bear, which is nearly unheard of with him.

As for Marley, well, he's pretty easy. He loves almost all touch.

Week 2 focus is on Clouded Leopard, one of the first touches I learned. Founder Linda Tellington-Jones wrote that this touch got its name from a Clouded Leopard at the Los Angeles Zoo who was worked on with TTouch. It's a very light touch to help reduce all kinds of stress and stress-related reactions and to increase self-confidence.

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