Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Celebrate the month of love with your pet!

Do you celebrate holidays with your pet? I'll be the first to admit that while my dogs are definitely spoiled, we rarely have special pet-centered celebrations. They like to chew things too much to have gifts for them to unwrap. They don't like being dressed in costumes (coats/sweaters are tough enough when the weather is cold!). Lots of folks love celebrating with their pets and have elevated it to a high art form. It this describes you, here are some special celebrations you can share with your pet this month. Be sure to fill out the survey at the end of this list and we will share how others celebrate with their pets, then you'll have even more reasons to throw a party!

February is ... Spoil Your Pet Month. Join BlogPaws (www.blogpaws.com) for ideas on spoiling your pet!

National Pet Dental Health Month (http://www.avma.org/anim​al_health/npdhm/default.​asp)

Responsible Pet Owners Month

National Wild Bird Feeding Month

Opening of the Winter Olympics, February 6

Westminister Kennel Club Show, held the second Monday and Tuesday of February (this year, that is February 10-11)

Have A Heart for Chained Dogs Weed, February 7 - February 14 (http://advocacy.britannica.com/blog/advocacy/2007/02/have-a-heart-for-chained-dogs-week-february-7-14/)

Pet Theft Awareness Day, February 14 (http://www.stolenpets.co​m/day.htm)

Valentine's Day, February 14

Great Backyard Bird Count, February 14 - February 17

World Whale Day, February 15

National Justice for Animals Week, Week of February 24 (http://advocacy.britannica.com/blog/advocacy/2011/02/national-justice-for-animals-week/)

Love Your Pet Day, February 20

Walking Your Dog Day, February 22

International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day, February 23

Spay Day USA, February 25

World Spay Day, February 25 - 20th Anniversary!

International Polar Bear Day, February 27

National Polar Bear Day, February 27

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