Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Small moments

[This was originally written on May 17 but, for some reason, did not publish.]

Moments of quiet have been at a premium in recent days. It's a race to the finish at home and at work - the yearbook supplement must be competed and submitted, the main yearbook must be distributed (that started today), book inventory, equipment and furnishings inventory, grades, banquets, assemblies. And. Graduation. The day that looms - happy and heartbreaking - on our immediate horizon. The commitments and emotions swirl. We are all tired and sad, taking the next tentative step into the future. 

So when Carson offered a moment of shared solitude one recent evening, I grasped it with both hands. She simply sat next to me on the bed and stared with her midnight-black eyes. Soon we were joined, nose to nose, softly touching. Eyes soft. BEING in that singular way canines seem to possess. For nearly five minutes she sat in stillness, inviting me to do nothing more than breathe and remember how to be.

It was beautiful and fulfilling in such a simple way. The memory of it sustains me in the last stages of this march towards the inevitable family changes.

Of course, the next night, she tried to eat as many June bugs as possible on her way in for the night! This girl is nothing if not unpredictable!

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