Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Could it possibly be Spring?

We have had several days of sunshine. In a row. After days and weeks of rain and unseasonably cold weather, it's a blessing. It also means that some little girl dog I know is actually a little bit tired when it's time for bed. Or, she would be if the human's schedule isn't also following a typical Spring pattern.

On the bright side, tennis season is pretty much done. Prom and graduation loom on the horizon, but there was a break in the schedule last weekend and that could mean only one thing: Time for a little girl to start getting beautiful for the warmer weather!

Carson has been getting progressively more woolly as the weeks go by. I didn't worry about it too much, given the cold and gloom. But give us just one sunny day and I knew she would be miserable. I started to trim her a couple of weeks ago and realized my #7 blade was absolutely shot, so she got a bit of a reprieve. But, as you can see from these photos, she would soon be unable to negotiate her way around because of the curls in her eyes.
Ready to play to keep away the winter doldrums!
Starting to look at little hairy ...
What do you mean this fur adds pounds?
Okay, starting to get out of hand!

So, we spent about an hour on the table on Saturday and took of enough hair from her body to make another complete Welsh Terrier. Whew. We will save her legs and her tummy area for later this week. But we can see her eyes again! And she is such a cute girl! Here's ... Carson!

Look at how cute I am; may I have a treat now?

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  1. She IS cute as a button. Dave