Monday, April 15, 2013

Rain, rain ...

It seems blasphemous to even think we have had too much rain. After close to two years of drought conditions, the ongoing showers are welcome and so very needed.

BUT, when one lives with three dogs and a yard that is more clay than grass, well, it gets old pretty quick. At least, that's my opinion.

On top of that, it hasn't even decided to stay warm yet. One day the sun is shining and the temps are in the 70s and 80s. The next day (um, that would be today) it's cloudy or overcast, breezy and cool-ish. Of course, those are usually the days when there's something planned outside. This time of year, that "something" is most often a tennis match. Today's tri-match will be somewhat chilly, I think, by the time we finish up.

That also means that all those plants Cara and I bought yesterday can't go in the ground yet. After all, the temperatures are supposed to dip into the lower 40s several nights this week. That wouldn't be good for tender tomatoes, peppers and herbs. So we will make sure they get some light - whenever the sun decides to shine - and hope for the best.

And now, back to the quadripeds. Yes, it's that digging time of year. Add that to the moisture and, well, you can just imagine how everything looks. From floors to carpets to paws and mouths, nothing is safe from our Oklahoma red clay. Sigh ...

Oddly, my non-terrier is my biggest digger. He loves to dig; he LIVES to dig! The dirt clings to his long coat and his long nails (he won't let me trim them very often) and he leaves a red stain wherever he lays on the carpet.

But how can I look at that face - in those eyes - and stay mad at him?
Could you?

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