Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Geez, it's been a while ...

That whole "forming a habit" thing hasn't been working so well for me recently. Seems like the days fly by and I am certainly not taking the time to slow down and appreciate what is. As a friend posted recently, it is time to stop worrying so much about making a living and think about making a life. Hmm.

One of my teachers (Carson this time) gave me another reminder recently. I came home, fed the pups, took her out and did a few chores. When I returned to bring her in, she was frantic, displaying behavior I haven't seen in a very long time - jumping, head butting, nipping at my hands. Her message was clear: I am here and you obviously are not. Get with the program, mom!

With these graphic reminders firmly in place, I humbly return to what matters most: the lessons. As such, I will begin posting three times each week, beginning tomorrow, October 30. Welcome back, me. :)

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