Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Giving Thanks

The months since a blog entry has been posted have been exciting, stressful, insightful and confusing. One lesson that keeps presenting itself, however, is the need to slow down and be present. As I wrote earlier in the year, Carson pleaded for me to slow down. Shortly after, I began another graduate program. But I have found my heart remains somewhere else - in writing and in my TTouch work.

I find myself at a crossroads, trying to learn - to understand - how to meet my goals AND provide consistent and sufficient income for myself, my children, my animals; to take care of all (including myself!) physically, mentally and emotionally and be healthy; and to do all at at a slower pace. To be present, much as Blue, Carson and Marley - my teachers - fully present in each  moment of their lives.

So as I continue to learn, I want to acknowledge the time of year and give thanks to my teachers. I am thankful for their ageless wisdom, their joy, their focus and their unwavering love.

Meet my teachers and role models: Marley and Blue on Thanksgiving Day. Our boys are keeping it real and focused in the kitchen. And Carson, our joy-filled and exuberant girl, who always reminds us to smile and laugh.

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